Thursday, March 2, 2017

Random Thoughts for Thursday

Just some things that are running through my mind - 1. I'm going to do away with the rating system on the movies I've watched.  Sometimes it just depends on my mood as to how much I like it, so it's not really fair.  2. I'm excited to move on to a new exercise challenge!  Ms. Attitude picked this one:
I think I'm going to keep doing some ab work as well, so I don't lose the habits. You should do the challenge with us and let us know how you're doing!  3. I really like the book I just finished! It's The Martian by Andy Weir and I am pleasantly surprised by how good this book is.  I wonder if I can get Mr. P to read it...4. I have to remember that Big A has the pie auction fundraiser for band this Saturday!  I keep forgetting for some reason.  Also, his girlfriend is in the running for Band Queen and I need to budget some money to vote for her a million times - she's such a nice girl! 5. Little A is 10 and he has a little girlfriend and it's cute, but the girl calls 5,000 times a night!  Soooo tired of her calling!  Sometimes I hear the phone ringing even when it's not... 6. I need to clean Goldie's (the goldfish) bowl.  Fun.  7. I've been thinking about changing the color scheme of my blog.  I think it might make it a little easier to read.  What do you think?

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